The standard GCS offers a ruggedized control station. This station can be duplicated to obtain a dedicated pilot console and another dedicated payload operator console.

The GCS is also available in a “Belly Pack” format to offer an ergonomic and transportable station.

  • STANAG 4586 compliant
  • Rugged and rigid
  • Customizable multi-display console
  • Tablet-based belly-pack system
  • Pre-programmed autopilot/manual
  • Autonomous and override modes

Mobile GCS

This mobile station is in fact a lot more than just a GCS. It includes of course the standard GCS and the connection to the “Belly Pack”, but it also integrates antennas, storage shelves and cabinets, and a workshop. Plus, being a 4×4 truck, it transports all this equipment and the LX300 to the right terrain.


Disconnect the standard GCS from the antenna and connect it to the simulator for training and mission planning. EO/IR, lidar and radar data can also be simulated.

Handling equipment

Trolleys, lifting beam, ramps and other useful equipment.

Maintenance equipment

A helicopter easy to maintain having easy to use tools. Maintenance trestles, jigs, supports and specialized tools keep maintenance engineers happy and efficient.