The work has to be done, now. Exceeding the operation limits of smaller UAS and manned helicopter, the LX300™, with its tandem-rotor configuration, can tolerate high winds and fly in harsh conditions, like mountainsides. Work can be done where and when it has to be done.

  • Purpose-built to complement manned helicopters for various commercial and defense applications.
  • Carries multiple mission specific payloads, including radios, EO/IR Gimbal, AIS, RADAR, SAR kits, SKAD kits, castaway first-aid delivery, and more.
  • Low total cost of ownership due to the high-reliability components, with high mean time between replacements.

With its small rotor diameters, its blades and fuselage made of composite material, and with its advanced rotor technology, this helicopter is designed to eliminate vibration at sources.

Nouveau fuselage LX300


A helicopter reconfigurable for a different mission in minutes.

  • Tandem-rotor technology and quick-attach system allow for sustained operations in multiple mission types.
  • The M-BARK™ payload system allows easy integration of up to 180 kg of payloads
  • The M-BARK™ system could be used to attach heavy payloads in the main 200 L [7ft3] payload compartment, or many payloads at different locations.


Thanks to its tandem-rotor configuration and its dedicated autopilot controller, the LX300™ offers a large center of gravity (CoG) envelope and an automatic weight-and-balance feature. This means that the autopilot can compensate the rotors’ thrust (differential of collective) according to the position of the CoG. This M-BARK™ system allows :

  • To drop payloads even though they were not located under the CoG position.
  • To quickly switch from a payload configuration to another.
  • To execute missions that may modify the CoG position (aerial spraying, sling operations, etc.).


The LX300 is especially well-suited to fulfill the requirements
of defense and security applications.

  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Target Acquisition
  • Border Surveillance
  • Search and Rescue
  • Situational Awareness
  • Arctic Conditions: Ice Surveying
  • Ship Tracking
  • Beyond Line Of Sight Reconnaissance
  • Communication Relay

Payloads for defense and security can include:

  • Multimode Surveillance Radar/Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • AIS
  • LiDAR
  • Electronic Surveillance/COMINT
  • Communications Relay
  • SKAD kits


Commercial applications need reliable and efficient UAVs to work day after day under severe weather conditions. The LX300™ is designed according to requirements of certified manned helicopter standards.

Advanced materials and processes, similar to those used for manned aircrafts, give the LX300™ reliability and endurance usually pursued by commercial operators. And at the right cost.

Cargo delivery

Starting with the standard cargo compartment, the LX300™ is offering 200 L or 180 kg of cargo compartment. This volume could be doubled with a custom shipping case.

Mapping and sensing

The LX300™ is the best-suited RPAS to perform survey in tough environments and harsh conditions.

  • Mining prospection
  • Pipelines and power line inspection
  • Law enforcement and site surveillance
  • Infrastructures monitoring
  • Oil rig operation support
  • Gas/water/soil sampling
  • Corridor mapping


With the LX300™, you can practice better, faster and greener agriculture.

  • Crop spraying
  • Crop monitoring
  • Livestock census
  • Frost protection
  • Law enforcement and farm surveillance
  • Predator detection
  • Pest control