Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine, September 13th 2018. Laflamme Aero Inc. , a company based in Quebec, Canada, announces today the successful conclusion of its first series of flight tests for its drone, the LX300. With its 300 kg of maximum takeoff weight, the LX300 is one of the world’s biggest helicopter-type drone to ever take flight.

« We have just completed a very important step. Our first series of flight tests has demonstrated how stable the craft is and how maneuverable it is during takeoffs and landings. Several of those maneuvers are both complex and critical. There is no doubt that the results from those tests will allow us to move on more rapidly to the last steps of our development program» commented Enrick Laflamme, president of Laflamme Aero.

With an estimated useful payload of 90 kg, the LX300 targets both commercial and military applications. The Defense and security sector, in particular, has demonstrated a considerable interest in Laflamme Aero’s drone. It is worth remembering that the LX300 stands out by its unique capabilities that facilitate the loading and transportation of various useful loads.

« Of course, that was an important milestone for us. It shows remarkable team work which everybody can be proud of. We will keep working very hard since important steps are still to come for this fall, including our first autonomous flights» added David Laflamme, director of the company.

Laflamme Aero plans on continuing its series of tests over the next 12 months, in order to begin the commercialization of the LX300 by the autumn of 2019.